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15 Amazing Father’s Day Gifts : A Guide to ‘Wow’ing the Man in your Life

In the words of one of the most famous characters of the 21st century, Darth Vader, “…I am your father.” Thankfully, Darth Vader isn’t actually your father, but even if he were, we’ve got some gift ideas to please even the toughest dads. It’s only fitting that you give him something back after his years of changing diapers, sacrificing his free time, and dropping you off three blocks away from school because you were too embarrassed to be seen with him (sorry, Dad!). From the trendsetter dad to the sporty dad to the fun dad and the technology-obsessed dad, here’s a handy guide to find something to impress the father figure in your life. Trendsetter Dad Is your father the...

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As the heat of summer approaches and temperatures soar, so does the need to keep yourself hydrated. Hydration is important at any time of year, of course, but nothing says “I need a drink, NOW!” like a hot day at the beach or working outdoors in the sun. The good news is that we’ve found plenty of companies who are ready to keep you cool with their toxin-free reusable bottles. Who wants to be carrying around dangerous plastics and worrying about chemicals dripping into their water? Not you, that’s who! And don’t worry, it’s cooler than ever (pun intended) to tote around your stylish BPA-free water bottle these days. From colors to spouts to handles, you can design the perfect...

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