As the heat of summer approaches and temperatures soar, so does the need to keep yourself hydrated. Hydration is important at any time of year, of course, but nothing says “I need a drink, NOW!” like a hot day at the beach or working outdoors in the sun.

The good news is that we’ve found plenty of companies who are ready to keep you cool with their toxin-free reusable bottles. Who wants to be carrying around dangerous plastics and worrying about chemicals dripping into their water? Not you, that’s who!

And don’t worry, it’s cooler than ever (pun intended) to tote around your stylish BPA-free water bottle these days. From colors to spouts to handles, you can design the perfect bottle to match your summer wardrobe.

So if you’re looking to quench your thirst while being kind to your body (and the environment), here are 5 water bottles to help banish toxins from your life.


1. Klean Kanteen Classic

As the name suggests, Klean Kanteen have been keeping it, well, clean, since 2004. Instead of lining their water bottles with plastic, they’ve ditched the toxins and used food-grade stainless steel for a sleek and timeless bottle.

And the best part? On top of the reassurance that your bottle is toxin-free, stainless steel doesn’t retain or impart flavors. This means that you won’t be faced with the need to replace your bottle after it’s held one too many ‘green juices’ or pungent coffee refills.

You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your hydration personality, as well as a few different models (the Classic, Wide, and Insulated).

What you should know?
Materials : 18/8 Food-Grade Stainless Steel & BPA-Free Caps
Sizes : 12oz, 18oz, 27oz, 40oz & 64oz 
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2. KOR Nava

If you think hydration can’t be beautiful, think again. KOR believes they’ve created the “best water you’ve ever tasted,” but they’ve also created the most perfectly designed bottles you’ve ever seen.

Banish the toxins in your life with KOR’s “Nava” bottle, an on-the-go option that includes a filter to make sure that you only hydrate with the purest water possible. And don’t worry about chemicals in the filter! KOR uses coconut shells, which are an effective material for filtration. Who knew?

Nava comes in four color combinations for you to choose from. It also features a cushioned base, ergonomic handles, and an ‘easy flow’ system that allows you to drink from the built-in straw naturally rather than having to awkwardly tilt the bottle up to your mouth.

What you should know?
Materials : BPA-Free & CocoaPura Filter
Size : 22oz
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3. S'well Bottle

With a dizzying array of colors and options for the classic Swell bottle, you’ll be the most fashionable water bottle owner on the block.

Each bottle uses non-leaching and non-toxic stainless steel to ensure you’re saving the environment as well as your health. This material will keep your cold drinks cold for almost 24 hours, and any hot drinks (or soup, if you’re creative!) hot for about 12 hours.

Swell is also a great choice for the do-gooder in you. They’ve partnered with multiple charities, including Unicef, Drink Up, and American Forests to ensure that a part of their proceeds go towards giving back to the community.

What you should know?
Materials : 18/8 Food-Grade Stainless Steel & BPA-Free Caps
Sizes : 9oz, 17oz & 25oz
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4. ZingAnything Citruszinger Original

For many people who struggle to drink enough water daily, part of the problem is that their hydrating methods lack the ‘spark’ of more flavorful juices or drinks. But these can be unhealthy and leave you still needing to quench your thirst.

Have no fear, all of your adventurous drink seekers! Zing Anything is here!

Zing Anything have created a built-in water bottle and infuser that allows you to add natural flavors to your water with the help of a lemon, lime, or orange. You just put the fruit into the citrus press, add your water, and you’re all set for a day of natural hydration.

Zing Anything use stainless steel and BPA and EA free plastic in their bottles, so you can be sure that the only thing dripping into your water is your fresh flavors.

What you should know?
Material : BPA-Free
Size : 28oz
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5. O2COOL Mist N Sip Insulated

Anyone who lives in a hot climate will be happy to see that O2Cool’s Mist N Sip bottle allows for internal and external hydration with its misting feature. It’s also a great choice for athletes who may want to ‘mist n sip’ on the go as they pound the pavement or run across the court.

The bottle is BPA free, and features a pop-up leakproof top as well as an easy to carry handle that allows you to stay active while misting.

What you should know?
Material : BPA-Free
Size : 18oz & 20oz
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