15 Amazing Father’s Day Gifts : A Guide to ‘Wow’ing the Man in your Life

In the words of one of the most famous characters of the 21st century, Darth Vader, “…I am your father.” Thankfully, Darth Vader isn’t actually your father, but even if he were, we’ve got some gift ideas to please even the toughest dads. It’s only fitting that you give him something back after his years of changing diapers, sacrificing his free time, and dropping you off three blocks away from school because you were too embarrassed to be seen with him (sorry, Dad!).

From the trendsetter dad to the sporty dad to the fun dad and the technology-obsessed dad, here’s a handy guide to find something to impress the father figure in your life.

Trendsetter Dad

Is your father the first on your block to rock the latest in men’s fashion? Does he spend his free time window shopping for wristwatches and pocket squares? If you’ve got a trendy dad, these gifts are for you.


1. Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler with Lid 

Sure, your dad could carry around his coffee in a Styrofoam coffee cup, but he’ll be the talk of the office when he comes in with his sleek, stylish Klean Kanteen Tumblr. It’s made with food grade stainless steel, so it won’t retain any previous flavours (or science experiments) he may have carried into work. It even comes with a lid, which means he doesn’t need to worry about spills down his shirt right before he steps into a meeting with the big boss.

What you should know?
Features : 16oz, Double-wall Vacuum Insulated, 18/8 Food-Grade Stainless Steel
Price: $53.00
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2. Eone Timepieces The Bradley - Canvas

After seeing you grow from his little baby to a full blown adult overnight, Dad knows better than anyone how fast time goes. Help him slow it down a bit by showing off this titanium, water-resistant watch. The design of the watch means he can read the time by sight or by touch, and the strap comes in 6 different colors so you can choose the one that suits him best. He’ll also love the minimalist face and smooth finish. 

What you should know?
Features : 40mm diameter, 11.5mm thickness, Renata 371 button watch cell battery, Fits wrist size 168-215mm
Price: $399.00
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3. Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet - HI

This classic leather wallet is sure to please even the most fashionable of fathers. With a “pinch to open” function and the ability to hold 5-8 cards, bills, coins, and even a Sim card, it matches its style with function. Gone are the days of his ratty old wallet spilling its contents out behind him as he walks. 

What you should know?
Features : 11.5cm x 8.2cm, Vegetable tanned leather, 3 year warranty
Price: $148.90
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4. Timbuk2 Especial Spoke Sling

Cycling as a sport is more popular than ever, but it’s not always easy to find a lightweight bag to help your father soar down the roadway with his friends. This Timbuk2 Sling is made from an airy material that allows him to pack it full and not feel bogged down. It’s got pockets specifically for his shoes, as well as a board to keep shirts crisp if he’s heading out to dinner or drinks afterwards.

What you should know?
Features : Ripstop nylon, Ambidextrous shoulder strap, Ventilated back panel
Price: $129.00
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Fun Dad

You know the kind. He’s always getting you joke gifts on your birthday and surprising mom with rubber snakes in her cupboards. He loves to go on adventures, and you can’t remember the last time he wasn’t smiling. You’ve got yourself a fun dad, and he deserves something awesome from you this Father’s Day. 


5. Star Wars Mood Light Lamp - Darth Vader

Is your father a giant Star Wars geek? Perhaps he spends his time practicing his lightsabre skills and quoting his favourite lines to you? This is the perfect lamp for your Jedi, with a soft glowing LED light and durable PVC. He’ll be able to practice his skills all day long while a realistic Darth Vader stares back.

What you should know?
Features : Soft glow LED light, requires 4 AA batteries
Price: $55.90
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6. KingCuffs Casino Roulette Cufflink


The key to any great outfit is a stellar pair of cufflinks. This pair of KingCuffs Casino Roulette Cufflinks are a must have for any father daring to be different with his wardrobe this year. The roulette wheel actually works, which means he’ll be the center of attention as he shows off his casino turned fashion accessory.

What you should know?
Features : Rhodium silver mount, Rotational steel ball
Price: $23.90
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7. Awesome Maps - Football

Regular maps are old news. This creative football map will let your football loving father track his world travels by sports team. He can also add the latest stats and move around his favorite players as they get traded from team to team. Who needs towns and cities when you’ve got football? 

What you should know?
Features : 97.5cm x 56cm, Silk coated art paper
Price: $39.90
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8. Mova Globe Satellite View with Gold Map

Many people dream of seeing the world, but never imagine it can be quite like this. Your quirky dad will love this beautiful Mova Globe, a handmade technological innovation that rotates by using light. He can sit all day and marvel at all the place he’s been (and all the places he’s going to go). Of course, he may not want to leave his Mova Globe to experience the real globe, but that’s a risk we’re willing to take.

What you should know?
Features : 4.5" or 6" option, 3-pronged acrylic base
Price: $299.00
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Practical Dad

Does your father consider socks to be the best gift money could buy? Is he always asking for tools and underwear when his birthday rolls around? Help your practical dad spice up his life a little bit this year with these functional gifts.


9. Tru Virtu Pearl Card Case

Help your father protect his privacy and cards with this genius invention that saves your cards from demagnetisation and illegal scanning. It can hold up to 25 business cards or 8 credit cards, which is plenty to ensure that his valuables are safe and sound. It’s small enough to fit into his pocket, so he doesn’t need to worry about it weighing him down. In fact, he’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders with the peace of mind the Tru Virtu Pearl provides.

What you should know?
Features : RIFD Protection, Store up to 25 Business Card or 8 Credit Cards
Price: $39.00
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10. Grid It - Organizer for Laptop 

Is your dad constantly running around the house looking for various items he’s managed to lose? Help him out with this Grid It organizer bag. It’s got snug straps to fit in all of the essentials, and he can easily stick it in his backpack or laptop bag. The material is strong enough to grip enough the smoothest of phones or iPods, so he’ll be able to grab the whole kit and head out the door panic-free.

What you should know?
Features : 19.1cm x 1cm x 26.7cm, Rubberized woven elastic object retention system
Price: $29.95
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11. BlueLounge - Cable Box

We’ve never met a group of people more crazy about loose cables than fathers. There’s something about making sure the family keeps their cords in check that comes naturally to the 21st century dad. This Blue Lounge Cable Box is everything he’s been searching for, with space to fit every size of power strip and cable outlets on both sides of the box. Bye bye, duct tape. 

What you should know?
Features : 5.5" x 16" x 6.5"
Price: $39.00
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Gizmo & Gadget Dad

He’s always got the latest gadget (putting the rest of the family’s old phones to shame) and his idea of a perfect Saturday is spending all day tinkering with his new computer. He’s obsessed with all things technology, and we know just what to get him this Father’s Day.


12. BlueLounge - Sanctuary 4


Your father has just discovered Snapchat. Hooray! Selfies all day long. But now he’s draining his phone battery faster than ever. What to do? Get him the Blue Lounge Sanctuary, a one stop shop for charging his phone and tablet with little hassle. With 4 USB ports and 1 micro USB cable, all of his past and future devices will be covered. He can even use the dedicated iPad stand to prop up his tablet and watch movies while he waits. 

What you should know?
Features : 4 amp charger, 4 USB ports, 1 micro USB cable
Price: $139.00
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13. Jays Earphone a-JAYS One+

Earphones are no longer just for listening. This pair of Jays A-JAYS earphones will let your dad control the music and talk functions with the touch of a single button. With anti-tangling technology and noise-isolating earpieces, he can enjoy the luxury of clear, dynamic sound. After all, his iPod is only as good as the quality of music in his ears, and from now on, he’s basically front row at his favorite concert on demand.

What you should know?
Features : Noise cancelling microphone, 1-button remote, 8.6mm speakers
Price: $88.00
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14. thecoopidea - Trumpet Dual Car Charger 

This glossy and functional Trumpet Dual Car Charger can charge two devices at once while he’s out and about. It doesn’t matter if he’s an Android or an Apple guy, as the charger is compatible with both systems. The slim fit also ensures that he’s still got plenty of room up front.

What you should know?
Features : Fast charge 3.6A, 2 USB ports
Price: $29.00
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15. Overboard - Waterproof Phone Case 

From the beach to the fishing hole to a day on the ATV, phones can be susceptible to water, dirt, and dust damage in many places our fathers tend to hang out. With this waterproof phone case, he doesn’t need to worry about protecting his phone from the environment, which means more time for reeling in his latest catch and cruising the waterways.

The SlideSeal system means he can use his phone just as he normally does, while the welded headphone jack makes sure that he can pump up his music as usual. It can even dive to depths of 19 feet without a problem, so be prepared for the underwater pictures he’s about to send you.

What you should know?
Features : 100% waterproof, Transparent screen, LENZFLEX back 
Price: $50.00
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