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Never have another flavorless drink! Ideal for harder ingredients, like apple, ginger, tumeric root or orange zest, the Zing Anything grater opens the door to a whole new world of flavor possibilities. Create ginger-infused iced tea, green apple water infusions, or layer the flavors of your favorite citrus drinks with lemon, lime, or orange zest. Use the Zing Anything grater with your classic Citrus Zinger. The flavor is released directly into the drink while the ingredients remain contained inside the infusion compartment. No slicing, no mess!

Bring life to every sip with the delicate flavor of fresh cucumber. The Zing Anything slicer attachment makes it quick and easy to add thin slices of cucumber to your water for a delicious infusion. Simply press and turn the cucumber against the slicer and enhance your water with a ribbon of flavor. Crisp, cool, and pleasantly subtle, cucumber water is the ideal thirst-quencher. Enjoy the natural coolness on a hot summer day, after working out, or drink it with meals as the perfect palate cleanser. Use the Zinger Anything slicer with your classic Citrus Zinger at home or on the go ‰ÛÒ no knives, no peeling, no mess!

Create a sweet, silky, tropical flavored infusion to bring your taste buds to beach every day. The Zing Anything Kiwi Reamer attachment fits into your Citrus Zinger to release kiwi juices, pulp, and seeds while keeping the skin intact and pith in place. Enjoy the classic duo of strawberry-kiwi, or use your citrus press in combination for a tangy, delicious flavored water. The Kiwi Reamer can accommodate 2 kiwi halves and is compatible with all 28 and 16 ounce Citrus Zinger bottles. Kiwi lovers, get Zinging!


  • Allows room for additional fruits in base of the Zinger
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free Tritan‰ã¢ - Halogen/EA/Phthalate-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Health-safe materials ‰ÛÒ BPA/EA-free
  • Compatible with all 28 and 16 oz Citrus Zingers


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