Moleskine Evernote Journals with Smart Stickers - Set of 2

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Take a photo of any page in this book with the Evernote app and its content instantly becomes digital so that you can save it, search it and share it with the world. Evernote Journals have a flexible, heavy-duty cardboard cover that can be customized and decorated. In Kraft Brown with visible stitching on the spine, 16 detachable sheets and a back pocket for loose notes, it's a lightweight paper companion for studies, trips and daily writings. A booklet detailing the history of Moleskine is included.
Includes 1 month Evernote Premium subscription in the pocket.



  • Size (inches): 3.5 x 5.5
  • Size (cm): 9 x 14


  • Size (inches): 5 x 8.25
  • Size (cm): 13 x 21

Extra Large

  • Size (inches): 7.5 x 9.75
  • Size (cm): 19 x 25

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