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Our Vision

In life, we believe there are 3 basic needs that will always be amongst your top priority, "hydration", "fashion" and definitely "travel".

You can't live a day without hydrating yourself (well 3 days actually).

Fashion is a way of life and nowadays, it defines who you are as an individual. (yeap)

Travel is relaxing and helps with keeping you happy! (and sane).

So we set out on a mission, to find and curate awesome products that help satisfy the needs, in a healthy and satisfying way.

Why the name GatoMALL?

Well... Once upon a time......... and we started as a store retailing only Slim Moneyclip Wallets from a exquisite Korean Brand called "GatoMadeliene", so we've decided to name this store similarly, to remember how this all started.

And since then, we have grown, and the mission has reached us far. We believe there's much more that we can do for you and the community, so we will continue our journey in search of unique and awesome products that will mean something to us, and hopefully,

to you.

Founder - Customer Relations

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