Top 8 Laptop Bags to Simplify your Daily Commute

Let’s face it. Life is busy, and often your hands are full. No, we mean, literally. Your hands are too full! You used to just bring one laptop charger to the office, but now your friend keeps asking to borrow yours so it would probably be best to bring two. On top of that, you’ve got your water bottle, your cellphone, your wallet, and that package you’ve been promising your boss you’ll take to the post office since last week. Things are falling out of your arms left and right, and it’s a miracle you make it to work with all of your belongings intact.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to help make your daily commute easier with these 8 fashionable and functional bags that keep your laptop safe and sound on your way into the office without making you juggle your belongings like a circus clown. Sound good? Read on!



Traditionally, backpacks are worn with straps over both shoulders, sometimes with a strap across the waist for further control. These are your heavy duty bags, the ones to turn to when you’ve got a hefty load for the day and need some extra support.

Thule Crossover Backpack

You can’t always plan for the weather conditions on your way to work, but you can plan to have a Thule Crossover Backpack that makes it easy to carry no matter what kind of clouds are in the sky. On a hot day, the shoulder straps and back panel will provide breathability with their air flow channels (no sweaty back, hooray!). And if it’s raining? No problem. The water resistant fabric and zippers have you covered. There’s also loads of extra storage if you need to bring a pair of sunglasses or change of clothes.

What you should know?
What it fits: Up to 15 inch laptop, as well as a tablet and phone
Price: $229.00
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Timbuk2 Showdown Laptop Backpack 

For busy people, a backpack is not a “work” backpack or a “leisure” backpack, but instead a “let’s see how much I can fit into this and carry around with me EVERYWHERE” backpack. With Timbuk2’s Showdown Laptop backpack, you can start organizing your hectic life using multiple pockets and side pieces. A place for everything, and everything in its place….err, pocket. 

What you should know?
What it fits: Up to 15 inch laptop, plus a tablet and smaller pockets
Price: $149.00
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Bluelounge Backpack  

The Bluelounge Backpack is the perfect option for anyone looking for a custom fit. Not only can you choose whether to fold or roll the top closed, but you are also armed with quick-release thumb levers that allow you to shift the backpack quickly as you change your pace and stride. The fabric is also made from recycled plastic bottles, so you’ll feel good about being eco-friendly.

What you should know?
What it fits: Up to 17 inch laptop, and additional space for your tablet
Price: $199.00
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Eastpak Getter Backpack

Not only is the Eastpak Getter Backpack secure with multiple straps to keep your laptop locked in tight, but it’s also one of the most stylish backpacks on the market. And what’s better? With a built-in padded laptop sleeve that separates your laptop from your wallet and phone, this backpack can withstand a bit of bumping on your daily commute so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe and focus on your plans for the day. 

What you should know?
What it fits: Up to 17 inch laptop, and extra pockets for other bits
Price: $189.00
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Sling Bag

Another popular bag style is the sling bag, named because they are quick and easy to ‘sling’ over your shoulder in just one motion with a single strap. These bags are best for when you have a lighter load or a shorter day, though they can be moved from shoulder to shoulder easily for comfort.


Timbuk2 Commute Laptop TSA-Friendly Messenger Bag

When commuting involves stepping onto a plane rather than a train, the Timbuk2 Commute Laptop Messenger Bag has you covered. It’s got a handy design which means you don’t need to remove your laptop from your bag when going through security at the airport, and you can stash a handful of items in its side and front pockets. With five different colors, two sizes, and two ways to hold it (sling style or briefcase style), you can make the bag your own and never need to fumble through security lines again.

What you should know?
What it fits: Small sizes fits 16.3 inch laptop and medium size fits 18.5 inch laptop
Price: $179.00
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Moleskine Mycloud Messenger Bag

Perfect for chic city workers, the Moleskine Mycloud Messenger bag has a funky green interior with a classic grey outer fabric. Not only does it hold your laptop and tablet, but it also comes with two eyelets to hang key rings and a purpose-built pocket for your Moleskine notebook. The shoulder strap is padded for maximum comfort, and a special webbing allows the bag to attach itself to luggage handles if you’re heading for the airport or a far away business meeting.

What you should know?
What it fits: Up to 15 inch laptop and tablet
Price: $358.00
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Qwstion Simple Office

Keep it simple with this classic laptop bag that comes with a 2-for-1 system to allow you to transform it into either a sling or a backpack. We prefer the sling look for this one, with its trendy side pockets and vegetable-tanned leather making it a great candidate for horizontal carrying. Inside is a padded laptop compartment for your device and any documents, and the fabric is water-resistant so you keep your valuables safe in any weather. The muted color ensures that you look professional, yet functional, when you walk into your next business meeting.  

What you should know?
What it fits: Up to 13 inch laptop or tablet
Price: $229.00
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Thule Crossover Sling Pack


Similar to its backpack counterpart, the Thule Crossover Sling pack is made with breathable fabrics and special mesh straps to make sure your commute is a breeze. The sling version comes with a special compartment for your maps and magazines, while the side holds your favorite water bottle. A small pocket on the shoulder strap is also easily accessible, ready to hold your keys or cards.

What you should know?
What it fits: Up to 13 inch laptop, small pockets for other items
Price: $119.00
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